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China Independent Clinical Laboratory Industry Report,2013-2015


Restricted by the health care system and the medical inspection level (Chinese firms mainly lag behind foreign counterparts in molecular diagnostics and other special tests), Chinese independent clinical laboratory market only values RMB2.5-3 billion, equivalent to 2%-3% of the total revenue of medical diagnosis, much lower than 30% in developed countries.

However, in the context of Chinese medical reform, the cost control of public hospitals, the increasing number of patients that primary medical institutions are confronted with, the rapid development of private hospitals and other factors will greatly boost China independent clinical laboratory industry which will grow at a rate over 40%.

The report focuses on the operation, advantages and characteristics of 10 major independent clinical laboratory companies in China on the basis of an analysis on the development environment, the market situation, the competition pattern, the impact of upstream and downstream as well as the prospect of China independent clinical laboratory industry.

In China, among about 110 laboratories engaged in independent medical diagnosis, top four ones, namely Kingmed Diagnostics, ADICON, DiAn Diagnostics and DaAn Health, master more than 70% domestic market share together, all with the chain integrated diagnostic service mode.

As a giant in China independent clinical laboratory industry, Kingmed Diagnostics has maintained a revenue growth rate of more than 50% in the past five years. It achieved the revenue of over RMB1 billion in 2012 with 21 laboratories, over 13,000 clients (including more than 1,000 Grade-A hospitals) and 1,600 types of inspection services. Moreover, the company has received two rounds of capital injection from Lenovo, and always stood at the leading position of the industry.

ADICON and DiAn Diagnostics are located in the second echelon in the industry.

ADICON targets at the high-end field (including 220 special inspection items), with 15 laboratories, only second to Kingmed Diagnostics. In June 2012, the subsidiary Hefei ADICON became a designated cervical and breast cancer diagnosis institution in Hefei by virtue of the strong and efficient diagnostic service network.

China's first listed independent clinical laboratory enterprise DiAn Diagnostics gained the revenue of RMB414 million from independent medical diagnostic services in 2012, up 52.2% year on year. DiAn Diagnostics shows significant unique competitive advantages, reflected in hierarchical management and "agency + services" business model. As of the end of 2012, DiAn Diagnostics owned 13 independent diagnostic laboratories, and planned to establish 15 Class-A laboratories and 30 Class-B ones by 2016 for the purpose of the overall improvement in the service response speed.

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China Independent Clinical Laboratory Industry Report,2013-2015

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