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China Non-standard Special Material Equipment Industry Report, 2013-2016


Chinese non-standard pressure vessel enterprises converge in the Yangtze River Delta and the Northeastern regions, wherein the former harbors numerous enterprises and the market there (apart from few time-honored SMEs (State-owned Enterprises) like SINOPEC Nanjing Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd Chemical Machinery Works) is dominated by private businesses represented by Zhangjiagang Chemical Machinery, Shanghai Morimatsu, Jiangsu Liyang Yunlong Group Company, Sunpower Group, Ningbo Mingxin Chemical Machinery,  Ningbo Tiany Petrochemical Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Company, etc and foreign corporations, while in the Northeastern regions such time-honored SMEs play a leading role in the market as China First Heavy Industries,  Dalian Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Company Limited, AVIC Liming Jinxi Chemical Machinery (Group) and Fushun Machinery Equipment Plant. Over the recent years, a great many powerful enterprises has mushroomed in Bohai Rim regions, consisting of Shenyang Paisi Titanium Equipment Co., Ltd, Liaoning New Huayang Weiye Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Shenyang Dongfang Titanium Co., Ltd, and so forth.

China is the largest producer of non-standard pressure vessel around the globe, ranking first worldwide whether in terms of the number of industrial players, the output of products or the output value. During 2005-2012,Chinese non-standard pressure vessel market demand presented an AAGR of 26.75%. The market demand in 2013 approximated RMB86.3 billion. In the forthcoming several years, the non-standard pressure vessel market of China will still maintain steady growth in scale.

According to the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015) for the Development of China Coal Chemical Industry, a great number of projects proposed and to be newly built in chemical and metallurgical sectors, etc will start construction successively in the next few years, which essentially bolsters the development of the non-standard special material equipment industry. At present stage, the low-end and mid-range non-standard special material equipments are in the robust demand and supply, and the high-end products are much sought after in the market. In accordance with the industrial arrangement of 4:6 for special materials to stainless steel in the chemical and metallurgical special equipment domains in the developed countries, China’ss non-standard special material equipment still enjoys the room for a rise of at least RMB1 billion to RMB1.5 billion per annum in such fields as anti-corrosion, pressure resistance and high-temperature resistance.

China Non-standard Special Material Equipment Industry Report, 2013-2016 by ResearchInChina sheds light on the aspects below:

  • Development history, market size analysis, etc of global non-standard special material equipment industry;
  • Analysis on the development (industrial policy and laws & regulations) of China non-standard special material equipment industry, etc.;
  • Scale, structure, supply & demand, competitive landscape and otherwise of Chinese non-standard pressure vessel and non-standard pressure pipeline markets;
  • Analysis on influences from upstream and downstream sectors on China non-standard special material equipment industry, etc.;
  • Operation, development strategies and others of Major 14 Chinese non-standard special material equipment companies.

As a top enterprise in China non-standard pressure vessel industry, Zhangjiagang Chemical Machinery is primarily focused on the design and manufacturing of non-standard pressure vessel equipment which finds application in the arenas like petrochemical, coal chemical, alumina and paper making. In H1 2013, the overseas business orders of the company broke through RMB200 million and the single order valuing over RMB100 million from abroad was recorded for the first time. The company sees a growing brand popularity in the international market.

Sichuan Kexin Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional equipment producer laying emphasis on the manufacturing of non-standard pressure vessels, with the hit products divided into three major categories, i.e., chemical equipment, nuclear power auxiliary equipment, and other equipments. In the first three quarters of 2013, the company’s revenue surged by 13.6% YoY to RMB151 million, and the sales volume of non-standard pressure vessel reached 1,553 sets, a year-on-year decline of 15.3%.

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China Non-standard Special Material Equipment Industry Report, 2013-2016

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