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Market Research Report on Aceglutamide in China, 2010-2019



Aceglutamide refers to acetyl compounds of glutamine, which is capable to improve metabolism of nerve cell and to maintain nerve-stress and lower blood amine. It can also apply to traumatic brain injury coma, hepatic coma, hemiplegia, paraplegia, polio sequelae, sequelae of traumatic brain injury, mental deterioration, nervous headache and low back pain through Blood Brain Barrier(BBB).

According to CRI investigation on market, the market of Aceglutamide in China shows a fluctuated trend from 2005 to 2011. The annual sales value of hospitals fluctuated around CNY 30 million. From 2011 to 2014, the market scale of Aceglutamide in China was increasing expanding, with sales CAGR of about 23.2%. Since 2014, its sales volume has exceeded CNY 40 million.

In next few years, it is predicted that the demand for central stimulant drugs in Chinese market will continue to increase, which will promote the market size of Aceglutamide.

Through this report, readers can learn the followings and more:

  • the market size of Aceglutamide in China
  • the market competition pattern of Aceglutamide in China
  • the sales price of Aceglutamide produced by different enterprises in China
  • the outlook on Aceglutamide market in China

The author recommends the following people to purchase this report:

  • Central stimulant drug manufacturing enterprise
  • Investors / research institutes focusing on Chinese drug market
  • If interested in Chinese pharmaceutical market, you can contact CRI for customized survey service.
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Market Research Report on Aceglutamide in China, 2010-2019


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