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Liquid Milk Industry Overview in China, 2011-2020



Liquid milk refers to packed dairy products in liquid form. According to definition of International Dairy Federation (IDF), liquid milk is a generic term for dairy products such as pasteurized milk, sterile milk, reconstituted milk and yoghurt.

Liquid milk can provide abundant nutrients for human. With the growth of economy, urbanization and resident revenue in China, the demand of consumers for healthy and nutritious food enhances. At present, liquid milk becomes an indispensable part of breakfast for Chinese residents. Particularly, the demand for liquid milk is continuously increasing to obtain enough nutrients from breakfast in the first and second tier cities with fast pace livelihood. According to CRI, Chinese have a custom to prepare presents for friends and relatives during traditional festivals while liquid milk is a daily popular gift of nutrition and health to families with elderly people and children.

The output volume of liquid milk continuously increased in China in recent years, from 20.61 million tons in 2011 to 24.98 million tons in 2015, while the annual growth rate had a declining trend. The main reasons include the upgrade of products, the decline of output volume of low-end liquid milk as well as the increase of imported dairy products.

Consumers become reasonable in selecting liquid milk because of frequent safety incidents of dairy industry in China. Their selection range is enlarged because substantial imported liquid milk enters Chinese market at present. A number of consumers prefer imported liquid milk due to the crisis of confidence towards domestic products, which cause certain impact on local enterprises in China. According to market research by CRI, the market concentration rate of sales revenue of Top 5 enterprises in liquid milk industry was less than 50% in China in 2015. The development space is still considerable for small and medium sized enterprises and new entrants.

The liquid milk market is experiencing an intense competition and an upgrade in the demand of consumers. High-end products with large profit margin and mid-end ones with good reputation are preferred by liquid milk manufacturers due to the increase of raw material cost and the decrease of profit margin. Meanwhile, many large-scale liquid milk manufacturers develop new products with special taste, high nutrition and differentiation to complement the market shares outside that of the pure liquid milk and plain yogurt. Some liquid milk manufacturing enterprises increase their investment in normal temperature yoghourt such as Momchilovtsi of Bright, AnMuXi of Yili and Chunzhen of Mengniu.

According to CRI, the liquid milk industry will experience a stage of market adjustment and industry upgrade with an intense competition in China in the next few years. However, the demand for liquid milk with high quality will increase further due to the growth of resident revenue and the consumption in China. It is estimated that the CAGR of market size of liquid milk will reach over 10% in China from 2016 to 2020.

Through this report, readers can acquire the following information:

  • Definition and Classification of Liquid Milk
  • Parameters and Assumptions of the Report
  • Development Environment of Liquid Milk in China
  • Competition in Liquid Milk Market in China
  • Top 5 Enterprises in Liquid Milk Market in China
  • Major Development Opportunities and Driving Forces Faced by Liquid Milk Industry in China
  • Risks and Challenges in Development of Liquid Milk Industry in China
  • Price Trend of Raw Materials of Liquid Milk in China
  • Price Trend of Retail Prices of Liquid Milk in China
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Liquid Milk Industry Overview in China, 2011-2020


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