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A-Share Listed Property Development Companies - Profiles and Financial Data

Table of Contents

Companies in the report:

1 China Vanke Co., Ltd. (000002.SZ)
2 China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd. (001979.SZ)
3 Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (600048.SH)
4 Greenland Holdings Group Corporation Ltd. (600606.SH)
5 China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd. (600340.SH)
6 Shanghai SMI Holding Co., Ltd. (600649.SH)
7 Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd. (000069.SZ)
8 Gemdale Corp. (600383.SH)
9 BBMG Corp.(601992.SH)
10 Oceanwide Holdings Co., Ltd. (000046.SZ)
11 Hainan HNA Infrastructure Investment Group Co., Ltd. (600515.SH)
12 Xinhu Zhongbao Co., Ltd. (600208.SH)
13 Risesun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (002146.SZ)
14 Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (000961.SZ)
15 Finance Street Holding Co., Ltd. (000402.SZ)
16 Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd. (000656.SZ)
17 Beijing Capital Development Co., Ltd. (600376.SH)
18 Xincheng Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (601155.SH)
19 Yinyi Real Estate Co., Ltd. (000981.SZ)
20 Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd. (000540.SZ)
21 Yango Group Co., Ltd. (000671.SZ)
22 Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (002244.SZ)
23 Suning Universal Co., Ltd. (000718.SZ)
24 Beijing Urban Construction Investment & Development Co., Ltd. (600266.SH)
25 Tahoe Group Co., Ltd. (000732.SZ)
26 Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co., Ltd. (600639.SH)
27 Greattown Holdings Ltd. (600094.SH)
28 Shanghai Shimao Co., Ltd. (600823.SH)
29 Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. (600466.SH)
30 China World Trade Center Co., Ltd. (600007.SH)
31 Guangzhou Yuetai Group Co., Ltd. (600393.SH)
32 Rongan Property Co., Ltd. (000517.SZ)
33 China Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. (600158.SH)
34 Tunghsu Azure Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (000040.SZ)
35 Chongqing Dima Industry Co., Ltd. (600565.SH)
36 Zhonghong Holding Co., Ltd. (000979.SZ)
37 Zhuhai Huafa Industrial Co., Ltd. (600325.SH)
38 Shanghai Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (600748.SH)
39 Macrolink Culturaltainment Development Co., Ltd. (000620.SZ)
40 Beijing Homyear Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. (600240.SH)
41 COFCO Property (Group) Co., Ltd. (000031.SZ)
42 Beijing North Star Co., Ltd. (601588.SH)
43 Shenzhen Worldunion Properties Consultancy Inc. (002285.SZ)
44 China Enterprise Co., Ltd. (600675.SH)
45 Shenzhen Wongtee International Enterprise Co., Ltd. (000056.SZ)
46 China Calxon Group Co., Ltd. (000918.SZ])
47 Zhongzhu Healthcare Holding Co., Ltd. (600568.SH)
48 Shenzhen Centralcon Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (000042.SZ)
49 Shenzhen Heungkong Holding Co., Ltd. (600162.SH)
50 Deluxe Family Co., Ltd. (600503.SH)

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A-Share Listed Property Development Companies - Profiles and Financial Data
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