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A-Share Listed Application Software Companies - Profiles and Financial Data

Table of Contents

Companies in the report:

1 Shenzhen Kingdom Sci-tech Co., Ltd. (600446.SH)
2 China National Software & Service Co., Ltd. (600536.SH)
3 Hundsun Technologies Inc. (600570.SH)
4 Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd. (600571.SH)
5 Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. (600588.SH)
6 Neusoft Corp. (600718.SH)
7 PCI-Suntek Technology Co., Ltd. (600728.SH)
8 Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd. (600845.SH)
9 Shanghai DZH Ltd. (601519.SH)
10 Beijing Dahao Technology Corp., Ltd (603025.SH)
11 Shanghai Weaver Network Co., Ltd. (603039.SH)
12 Suzhou MedicalSystem Technology Co., Ltd. (603990.SH)
13 Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd. (900926.SH)
14 Great Wall International ACG Co., Ltd. (000835.SZ)
15 Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd. (000997.SZ)
16 Ygsoft Inc. (002063.SZ)
17 Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd. (002153.SZ)
18 Shanghai 2345 Network Holding Group Co., Ltd. (002195.SZ)
19 Wisesoft Co., Ltd. (002253.SZ)
20 Talkweb Information System Co., Ltd. (002261.SZ)
21 Beijing Join-Cheer Software Co., Ltd. (002279.SZ)
22 Henan splendor Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (002296.SZ)
23 Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. (002362.SZ)
24 Glodon Co., Ltd. (002410.SZ)
25 Fujian Rongji Software Co., Ltd. (002474.SZ)
26 Beijing Transtrue Technology Inc. (002771.SZ)
27 Sichuan Jiuyuan Yinhai Software Co., Ltd. (002777.SZ)
28 Beijing Ultrapower Software Co., Ltd. (300002.SZ)
29 Hithink RoyalFlush Information Network Co., Ltd. (300033.SZ)
30 Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. (300036.SZ)
31 YLZ Information Technology Co., Ltd. (300096.SZ)
32 Wonders Information Co., Ltd. (300168.SZ)
33 Tiznze Information Industry Inc. (300209.SZ)
34 Beijing TRS Information Technology Co., Ltd. (300229.SZ)
35 AVIT Ltd. (300264.SZ)
36 Beijing Thunisoft Corp. Ltd. (300271.SZ)
37 Beijing Philisense Technology Co., Ltd. (300287.SZ)
38 Hakim Unique Internet Co., Ltd. (300300.SZ)
39 Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd. (300311.SZ)
40 Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd. (300324.SZ)

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A-Share Listed Application Software Companies - Profiles and Financial Data

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