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Research Report on China's Adult Incontinence Product Industry, 2018-2022

As the global population ages, the proportion of the global population aged 65 and over is gradually increasing. It increased from 7.28% in 2005 to 8.70% in 2017. The aging population has brought about a large market for adult incontinence products. Adult incontinence products are disposable health care products designed for adults with symptoms of incontinence, including adult diapers and nursing pads. At present, Japan, North America, and Europe are the major consumer markets for adult incontinence products. The penetration rate of adult incontinence products is about 80% in Japan, followed by 65% in North America and 58% in EU countries.
According to CRI, as the population of China is aging, the number of people aged 65 and over is growing in China. In 2017, China's population in this age group reached about 150 million, ranking first in the world. The growth of the elderly population provides a huge consumer group for the adult incontinence product market. In recent years, the living standards of Chinese residents have improved. Easy and comfortable to use, adult incontinence products can reduce the burden on home-based care for the aged and improve the life quality of the elderly. More and more families and nursing homes begin to use these products. From 2013 to 2017, the market size of adult incontinence products in China soared from CNY 4.07 billion to CNY 9.28 billion.
Adult incontinence products are fast-moving consumer goods. Brand awareness and sales channels have a great impact on sales. For the enterprises in the industry, it is essential to establish trustworthy brands and huge sales networks. High-end and low-end products coexist on China's adult incontinence product market, and the competition among international brands, domestic famous brands and local brands is becoming increasingly fierce. At present, there is no leading enterprise holding overwhelming superiority in the industry. The market concentration is very low. The broad market space will attract a large number of new entrants in the future.
According to CRI, there are many brands of adult incontinence products in China, and the prices vary greatly. The low-end market is highly competitive. In 2017, the penetration rate of adult diapers in China was about 4%, far lower than the global average of 12%. As the elderly takes up a higher proportion of China's population, there will be greater market demand for adult incontinence products in China. At present, there is hardly any brand that specializes in the production of adult diapers in China, which means a plenty of market opportunities in the next few years.
It is expected that from 2018 to 2022, the consumption of adult incontinence products will increase sharply and reach 14.3 billion pieces in 2022. Meanwhile, the market size will reach about CNY 28 billion.

Topics Covered:
- Concept and classification of adult incontinence products
- Status of global and China's adult incontinence product markets
- Competition in China's adult incontinence product industry
- Major adult incontinence product manufacturers in China
- Driving forces and market opportunities for China's adult incontinence product industry from 2018 to 2022
- Production costs and prices of adult incontinence products in china
- Prospect of China's adult incontinence product industry from 2018 to 2022
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Research Report on China's Adult Incontinence Product Industry, 2018-2022


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