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Investigation Report on China's Irbesartan Market, 2018-2022

Sartans are antihypertensive drugs with highly selective, effective and long-lasting multi-organ targeted protection. With a more specific mechanism of action, they prevent dry cough and other side effects that may be caused by angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs), and thus have replaced the ACEIs in some clinical uses. As a result, the growth of the ACEI market slows down, which leading to a steady increase in the Sartans market. Another growth driver is the new edition of List of Medicines Covered by National Basic Medical Insurance that included compound preparations.
Irbesartan was developed by Sanofi, first approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on Aug. 27, 1997, and then approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Sept. 30, 1997. The trade name of Sanofi's Irbesartan is Aprovel. Irbesartan is mainly used to treat primary hypertension and has little effect on heart rate. Irbesartan can also protect kidneys and slow the progression of diabetic nephropathy. It can slow the progression of kidney disease for patients with both type 2 diabetic nephropathy and hypertension.
According to CRI, domestic enterprises developed the generic versions of Aprovel early. The generic drugs were approved to be sold in China in 2000. By Sept. 2018, there are 11 Irbesartan API manufacturers, and 24 manufacturers of Irbesartan tablets, capsules and dispersible tablets in China. The Irbesartan products of Sanofi and its subsidiary Sanofi (Hangzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have an absolute advantage in China, taking up approximately 80% market share by sales value in 2017.
There were about 330 million hypertensive patients in China at the end of 2017. One in every three adults has high blood pressure. Chinese hypertensive patients account for about one-third of the global total. The incidence of hypertension in China rose by 32.1% from 5.1% in 1959 to 37.2% in 2017.
The sales value of Irbesartan was on the rise after it entered China, exceeding CNY 300 million in 2017. It is expected that the market size will continue to grow from 2018 to 2022 with the increasing number of hypertensive patients.

Topics Covered:
- Development environment of China's Irbesartan market
- Market demand for Irbesartan in China
- Analysis on competition on China's Irbesartan market
- Analysis on major Irbesartan manufacturers in China
- Driving forces for China's Irbesartan market from 2018 to 2022
- Prospect of China's Irbesartan market from 2018 to 2022
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Investigation Report on China's Irbesartan Market, 2018-2022


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