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Investigation Report on China's Metoprolol Market, 2018-2022



Estimated according to the population size and structure, there are about 330 million hypertensive patients in China, which means that one in every three adults suffers from hypertension. Chinese hypertensive patients in China account for about one-third of the global total. The incidence of hypertension in China rose from 5.1% in 1959 to 37.2% in 2017 by 32.1%. With so many hypertensive patients, China's antihypertensive drug market is growing steadily.

There are various antihypertensive drugs in China, which leads to fierce competition. As first-line antihypertensive drugs in China, ?-blockers represented by Metoprolol, Bisoprolol, Perindopril and benazepril have a stable market share. Metoprolol is a selective ?1 receptor blocker that treats cardiovascular diseases, especially hypertension, angina and tachycardia. The Metoprolol Tartrate preparations approved to be marketed in China include tablets, capsules, sustained-release tablets, controlled-release tablets and injections. AstraZeneca's proprietary drug is sold in the trade name of Betaloc. In addition, generic Metoprolol produced by over 10 manufacturers are also sold in China. According to CRI's market research, the market size of Metoprolol in China was about CNY 492 million in 2017, of which AstraZeneca accounted for more than 90%. The top Chinese companies included Guangzhou Baiyunshan Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sine Promod Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Tongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

As the number of hypertensive patients is growing with the rapidly aging population, and generic ?-blockers are popularized, it is expected that Metoprolol will still have some growth potential in China.

Topics Covered:

  • Situation of hypertension in China
  • Sales of Metoprolol in China
  • Major Metoprolol manufacturers in China
  • Competition on China's Metoprolol market
  • Driving forces and opportunities for China's Metoprolol market
  • Forecasts on China's Metoprolol market from 2018 to 2022
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Investigation Report on China's Metoprolol Market, 2018-2022


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