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Investigation Report on China's Mecobalamin Market, 2018-2022


Peripheral neuropathy is a syndrome caused by many factors.

Mecobalamin is a peripheral nerve repair agent. Mecobalamin tablets are used to treat peripheral neuropathy and diseases caused by vitamin B12 deficiency by repairing damaged nerves, relieving pain and numbness, and alleviating sensory disturbances and movement abnormalities. Mecobalamin injection can be used to treat megaloblastic anemia.

Developed by Eisai Co., Ltd., Mecobalamin (trade name: Methycobal) was launched in Japan in the mid-1980s and introduced to China in 1996. Since 2003, several Chinese pharmaceutical companies have launched generic Mecobalamin products. Mecobalamin has been developing rapidly since it entered China, with its annual sales value increasing from less than CNY 200 million in 2005 to about CNY 609 million in 2017. There is huge demand for Mecobalamin in China. China's Mecobalamin market is dominated by Eisai China Inc., Eisai Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sihuan Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Hailing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., North China Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., etc. In 2017, the market share by sales value of Eisai Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Eisai China Inc. totaled about 70%.

It is expected that as the lifestyle changes and the population ages, and the incidences of peripheral neuropathy and megaloblastic anemia gradually increases, Mecobalamin will still have some growth potential in China.

Topics Covered:
- Indications for Mecobalamin
- Sales of Mecobalamin in China
- Competition on China's Mecobalamin market
- Major Mecobalamin manufacturers in China
- Prices of Mecobalamin in China from 2017 to 2018
- Major factors influencing the development of China's Mecobalamin market
- Prospect of China's Mecobalamin market from 2018 to 2022
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Investigation Report on China's Mecobalamin Market, 2018-2022


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