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Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013


The report highlights the followings:

1. global and China PC market
2. global and China mobile PC market
3. PC connector industry
4. 28 major PC connector vendors

In 2012, the PC connector market scale approximated USD8.4 billion. It is common that cable assembly producers team up with connector makers. In other words, most cable assembly producers are involved in a small amount of connector business, likewise, most connector markers set foot in a small amount of cable assembly business.

In terms of the desktop PC connector market, Euro-American companies, Honhai and Foxlink are taking the leading position in the internal connecter market, while a great number of Taiwanese SMEs are occupying the external connector market. When it comes to the notebook connector market, Japanese and Taiwanese players are monopolists since 90% notebooks worldwide are made by Taiwanese companies. In general, large vendors focus more on internal connector business, while small ones are more concerned about external connector business. In the tablet PC field, external connectors are seldom used but internal connectors are largely provided by Japanese companies including Panasonic, Fujikura (DDK), JAE and Hirose.

In 2012, the output value of the connector industry in Taiwan reached roughly TWD158 billion (or about USD5.448 billion), of which, 80% was contributed by the PC filed.

Taiwanese connector vendors boast their respective superiorities. For example, PROCONN is an expert in memory card connector; LOTES is skilled in DT CPU SOCKET connector and memory connector; SINBON Electronics, the third largest connector company in Taiwan next only to Honhai and Foxlink, produces the most widest product varieties covering PC, smartphone, healthcare, automotive and solar energy fields; Aces Electronic holds advantages in NB BTB internal connector and, is well known for Fine Pitch; Singatron is good at Audio Jack/DC Jack and USB connector; ACON is more competitive in MCC and wireless antenna; P-TWO is specialized in ODD connector and LCD MONITOR FFC connector businesses; Cvilux is good at LED-TV LIght Bar; Ji-Haw Industrial takes the lead in D-SUB connector business; ALLTOP does well in NB external connector business; Plastron Precision is superior to its counterparts in terms of BTB business; Chant Sincere stands out in memory card and BTB connector business; and UDE Corp. performs well in RJ45 connector filed.

Honhai is regarded as a Taiwanese leader in the connector field. However, with huge system, the connector business only accounted for 2% of its total revenue TWD4 trillion or more in 2012. At its inception, Honhai took connectors as primary business, contributing more than 20% of its total revenue. These days, the connector business has been marginalized, the company has no longer involved in the business but made procurements from the outside given the distinctiveness of some connectors. Since it is a competitor of most Taiwanese enterprises, Honhai took initiative to purchase connectors from Chinese Mainland, a move which helps to facilitate the skyrocketing growth of a great number of connector producers on the Chinese mainland. The most representative case in point is Shenzhen Luxshare Precision Industry.

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Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013

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