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Research Report on Chinese Daily Necessity Additive Industry, 2012
By China Research and Intelligence
China is a big production, consumption and major export country of global daily necessity additives, whose market scale of daily necessity chemicals steadily increases in recent years. In 2011, it exceeded CNY 300 billion. Daily necessity ...
Jul 2012 $ 1500
China Sportswear Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
With rising per capita disposable income, the demand for sportswear including sports shoes and garments among consumers is soaring in recent years. In 2011, the sportswear market size in China hit RMB124.7 billion. In Chinese sportswear ma...
Jun 2012 $ 2100
Global and China Piano Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
With the continuously growing income of Chinese people, the piano has drawn more and more attention as a kind of important cultural and entertainment consumer-goods. Currently, the piano production worldwide is mainly concentrated in Asia and Euro...
Mar 2012 $ 1900
China Jewelry Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Jewelry, the preferred product in Chinese wedding market, has presented robust performance bolstered by the demand for value preservation and enhancement in recent years and has become the fourth hot topic of consumption following home appliance, ...
Mar 2012 $ 2000
China online shopping (B2C) Market Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
With the expanding of Chinese economy and the growing number of netizens, online shopping sees significant growth in market size and increasing investment activities. The number of online shoppers in China registered 158 million in 2010 and 198 mi...
Mar 2012 $ 1900
China Luxury Apparel and Accessories Market Report, 2011
By Research In China
Report Summary Alongside with China's growing economy, there has emerged an expanding high-income population in China, booming the luxury market of the country. In 2010, China's total consumption of luxuries increased by 3...
Feb 2012 $ 1900
China Cosmetics Market Report, 2010-2011
By Research In China
Report Summary Benefiting from the accelerated process of urbanization in China as well as the improved disposable income of residents, Chinese consumers have displ...
Feb 2012 $ 1900
China Infant Formula and Care Product Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
In 2010, Chinese market size of 0~3-year-old infant products hit RMB154 billion. In recent years, the infant product market of China has presented rapid growth, with the growth rate keeping at 20% or so. Although this ...
Jan 2012 $ 1900
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