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China Lighting Source Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
In 2011, China lighting appliance industry produced 19.61 billion electric light sources (up 4.0% year on year), including 4.17 billion incandescent light bulbs (a 3.8% yr-on-yr rise) and 3.32 billion fluorescent lamps (down 1.40% from a year earl...
Mar 2012 $ 2000
China Solar Water Heater Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
Solar heat utilization is seeing an increase worldwide, especially in China. In 2010, China’s output of solar water heaters grew roughly 16.7% to 49 million square meters, accounting for about 70% global share; the tot...
Feb 2012 $ 1600
Global and China Marine Power System Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
Report Summary By usage, marine power systems can be divided into main engines and auxiliaries. Main engines can be classified into internal combustion engines and ...
Jan 2012 $ 2500
China Sewage Treatment Equipment Market Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
With the deepening of industrialization and urbanization in China, the investment in sewage treatment field will keep sustained growth in China, but the short-term investment growth rate presents a downward trend. In 2010, the investments into Chi...
Dec 2011 $ 2000
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