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Research Report on China's Construction Machinery Industry, 2012
By China Research and Intelligence
With the shift of production and demand of global construction machinery, China becomes the global manufacture center and important market of construction machinery industry. Most of the leading construction machinery enterprises across the world ...
Jun 2012 $ 3000
China Construction Curtain Wall Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
The construction curtain wall industry is an important branch of the building decoration industry. In recent years, under the backdrop of rapid development of Chinese construction industry, China's construction curtain wall output and output value...
Jun 2012 $ 2000
Global and China Excavator Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
In 2011, the global sales volume of excavators approximated 458,000 units, of which the sales volume in Chinese market enjoyed the lion's share of 38.8% and reached 178,000 units, due to the largest number of infrastructure projects. From ...
Jun 2012 $ 2200
Global and China Construction Equipment Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Since 2001, the global construction equipment industry had experienced robust development, and it embraced its peak in 2007 but saw a cumulative fall of 35.4% for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, the global construction equipment i...
Jun 2012 $ 2400
Global and China Mining Equipment and Machinery Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
In spite of gloomy global economic situation, the mining equipment & machinery industry has shown relatively stable growth on account of the three as follows: first, most of the metal ores have been mined for half a century or even longer, so ...
Jun 2012 $ 2200
China Dust Removal Equipment Industry Report, 2012
By Research In China
Dust removal equipment finds wide application in cement, steel, non-ferrous metal, electric power and other highly dust polluting industries. In China, driven by the ever more strict standards for discharge of pollutants from these sectors, the du...
May 2012 $ 1500
China High-voltage Inverter Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
An inverter is a device which makes motors operate at variable speed to save energy. Customarily, a motor with a rated voltage of 3-10kV is known as a high-voltage motor, so an inverter developed for the motor running in the 3-10kV environment is ...
May 2012 $ 1800
China Instrument and Meter Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Report Summary Instrument and meter industry covers a wide range of areas and mainly includes about 20 industry segments such as analytical instrument, industrial automatic control system, optical instrument, electric inst...
Feb 2012 $ 2300
Global and China Microfiber Leather Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
As an upgrading product of traditional artificial leather and an alternative to genuine leather, microfiber leather has been in tight supply. From 2004 to 2010, the global output of microfiber leather maintained a CAGR of 8.7%. In 2010, the figure...
Feb 2012 $ 1700
China Wood Flooring Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
In 2010, Chinese wood flooring saw increase in both output and sales volume due to the rebound of real estate industry and the implementation of "building materials going to the countryside", with the output growing by...
Feb 2012 $ 1800
China Industrial Robot Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
Undergoing the worst of financial crisis, the global robot industry again embraces a period of rapid growth. In 2010, the sales volume of industrial robots exceeded 115,000 units worldwide, almost twice of that in 2009, and the automotive, metal p...
Feb 2012 $ 1600
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