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Global and China Industrial Gases Industry Report, 2012-2013
By Research In China
The report highlights the followings: Global Industrial Gas Market China Industrial Gas Market Global and China Industrial Gas Industry 12 Industrial Gas Companies Indus...
Apr 2013 $ 2100
Global and China Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum Industry Report, 2012-2013
By Research In China
China's bauxite features poor quality and low self-sufficiency rate of high-quality bauxite. With the gradual release of new alumina capacity and expansion of downstream smelting capacity in China, China has rapidly increased the import of bauxite...
Apr 2013 $ 1950
China Home Textile Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
China home textile industry only has a history of 10 years. From January to November of 2012, 1,831 Chinese home textile enterprises with the annual sales revenue of over RMB20 million achieved the total industrial output value of RMB226.4 billion, s...
Apr 2013 $ 1500
Global and China Zirconium Industry Report, 2012-2013
By Research In China
As the world’s largest consumer of zircon sand, China is heavily dependent on imports due to the domestic limited resources, which restricts the development of Chinese zirconium product industry. In 2012, China’s zircon sand (i...
Mar 2013 $ 1250
China Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
The global output of primary magnesium increased by 4.8% year on year to 808 kilotons in 2012, mainly driven by the growing output of primary magnesium in China. China is the largest producer of magnesium metal in the world, with the output increa...
Mar 2013 $ 1500
China Tantalum Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
According to the latest statistics from USGS, the global tantalum ore output totaled 790 tons in 2011, up 16.01% year-on-year. In particular, Brazil was still the world’s largest supplier, with the output accounting for 22.78%. Due to the eu...
Mar 2013 $ 1550
China Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Printing and dyeing auxiliaries refer to the auxiliary chemicals added during textile printing and dyeing to improve the processing technology, operational efficiency, textile quality and performance. Printing and dyeing auxiliaries fall into the ...
Mar 2013 $ 2000
Global and China Viscose Fiber Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Viscose fiber is a type of artificial cellulose fiber made of such raw materials as wood, bamboo and cotton linters, mainly used in the textile industry. Viscose fiber includes viscose filament yarn and viscose staple fiber, especially the viscose...
Mar 2013 $ 2200
China Plastic Pipe Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
As the world’s largest producer and consumer of plastic pipe, China’s output of plastic pipe reached 10 million tons in 2011 (a year-on-year increase of 19.0%), and about 11.67 million tons in 2012. In today’s China plast...
Mar 2013 $ 1900
Global and China Germanium Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Germanium falls under the category of scattered metal and it is widely applied in hi-tech fields. With proved reserves of 8,600 MMT worldwide, germanium is mainly found in countries like America, China and Canada. In particular, germanium reserves...
Mar 2013 $ 1100
China Aluminum Rolling Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
In 2011-2012, the investment in China aluminum rolling industry experienced the fastest growth. The investment concentrated in high precision aluminum sheets and strips, tank aluminum sheet, electronic foils, packaging foils and so forth. With the...
Feb 2013 $ 1800
China Activated Carbon Industry Report, 2013-2015
By Research In China
In recent years, China has seen a growing surge in terms of the production and demand of activated carbon with the export proportion ever declining, on account of intensifying environmental-friendly policies in China as well as accelerated trade p...
Feb 2013 $ 1600
China Petroleum & Natural Gas Drilling and Transmission Steel Pipe Market Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Due to uncertainties including sluggish global economic recovery and volatile geopolitical environment in Middle East and North Africa since 2011, the global crude oil prices have long been lingering at as high as USD110/barrel, fueling the strong...
Jan 2013 $ 1500
China Copper Processing Material Industry Report, 2012
By Research In China
As the intermediate link of copper industry chain, copper processing materials are widely used in electricity, electric, transportation, machinery manufacturing and other industries. In recent years, with the rapid development of downstrea...
Jan 2013 $ 1600
Global and China Carbon Fiber Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Carbon fiber is a new generation of reinforced fiber, mainly used in the fields of aerospace, wind power, automotive, sports and leisure. Industrial applications like wind power, automotive and pressure vessel account for the largest demand for ca...
Jan 2013 $ 2200
Global and China Titanium Industry Report, 2012
By Research In China
Currently, the United States, Japan, Russia and China are the world's leading producers and consumers of titanium. However, due to the different levels of industrial development, there exist some variations in the field of titanium consumption. Am...
Jan 2013 $ 1700
China Synthetic Rubber Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
In recent years, the synthetic rubber capacity of China has seen rapid growth. As of late 2012, China’s capacity and output of synthetic rubber hit 3.904 million tons and 3.85 million ...
Jan 2013 $ 2500
Global and China Photovoltaic Glass Industry Report, 2012-2014
By Research In China
Photovoltaic glass, also known as solar photovoltaic glass or ultra clear photovoltaic glass, is mainly applied to solar PV power generation and solar PV components. Currently, ultra-clear patterned glass used for crystalline silicon solar cell co...
Dec 2012 $ 2200
Global and China Glass Fiber Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
In 2011, the global glass fiber supply hit 4.88 million tons, and the demand reached 4.66 million tons. Driven by the demand in emerging markets, the global supply is expected to grow by more than 8% to 5.30 million tons, and demand will amount to...
Dec 2012 $ 2300
Global and China Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Since the end of the 20th century, following the increasing requirements of all countries on vehicle energy saving and environment-friendly performance, a wave of vehicle lightweight has been staged around the globe. In terms of automotive materia...
Dec 2012 $ 1600
China Polyether Monomer (MPEG/APEG/TPEG) Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Polyether monomer is produced through the polymerization of ethylene oxide (EO) and other monomers and mainly falls into three categories in China: MPEG, APEG and TPEG. Along with the improvement of R&D capabilities and advancement in producti...
Sep 2012 $ 1600
Global and China Polyurethane Industry Chain Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Polyurethane is the general name for polymers including multiple carbamate groups (-NHCOO-) on main chain of a polymer structure; and its products comprise rigid & flexible PU foams, elastomer, coating, adhesive and fiber, etc. In 2011...
Aug 2012 $ 2200
China Ceramic Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
As China's traditional competitive industry, ceramics ranks first worldwide in both annual output and export value. The mounting regulatory pressure on real estate market as well as the rising raw material and labor costs in China since 2011 have ...
Aug 2012 $ 1400
OLED Materials Markets 2012
By China Research and Intelligence
This report is the latest update from the OLED materials markets. In it, we quantify the opportunities that are emerging from the booming OLED display industry and in the nascent OLED lighting market, where the key determinants of success will be ...
Aug 2012 $ 2995
Global and China Lithium Carbonate Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
After 2010, lithium carbonate industry gradually recovered from the impact of global financial crisis and entered a new stage of rapid development. Global demand for lithium carbonate reached 135 kilotons in 2011, a YoY rise of 33.5%. Among lithiu...
Jul 2012 $ 2200
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