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China Aluminum Rolling Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
Aluminum rolling industrial products mainly consists of two categories i.e. aluminum sheet & strip and aluminum foil, and China is currently the world's largest producer and exporter of aluminum sheets, strips and foils. In 2010, China's alumi...
Feb 2012 $ 1500
Global and China Plastic Packaging Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
In the global plastic packaging industry, the CAGR was roughly 7.2% between 2001 and 2010, featuring the fastest growth in packaging industry breakdown. For China, the market scale of plastic packaging industry approximated USD66.4 billion in 2011...
Jan 2012 $ 2200
Global and China Copper Alloy Bar and Wire Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
In recent years, the global copper processing capacity has kept being transferred to China. In 2010, China’s output of copper alloy bar and wire products both ranked No. 1 in the world, accounting for 19.96% and ...
Dec 2011 $ 2100
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