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Global and China Organic Silicon Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
China organic silicon industry in 2011 showed poor performance overall, primarily influenced by the oversupply and product singularity of the upstream organic silicon monomer market. On the one hand, the built capacity of organic silicon i...
Jun 2012 $ 1700
Global and China Dissolving Pulp Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Dissolving pulp is a pulp that has a high cellulose content (>90%), with downstream demand mainly from viscose fibers. Global dissolving pulp capacity in 2011 was approximately 5.4 million tons, primarily concentrated in North America, ...
Jun 2012 $ 2100
Global and China Nickel Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Due to the nickel projects of Anglo American’ Barro Alto and VALE’s On?a Puma being put into production as well as China’s increased output of nickel pig iron, the global nickel output saw a year-on-year increase of 10.0% to 1.58...
May 2012 $ 1900
China Modified Plastics Market Report, 2012
By Research In China
As the new materials with good performance made by adding modifying agents to plastics, modified plastics have been increasingly applied in automotive, home appliance and other industries. China's output of modified plastics increased from 320,000...
May 2012 $ 1500
Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Optical fiber preform is the upstream product of the optical fiber industry, contributing to 70% total profit of the entire industry chain. Optical fiber perform require high manufacturing technology, and manufacturers are mainly converged in Japa...
May 2012 $ 1800
Global and China Epoxy Resin Industry Chain Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Epoxy resin is a polymeric compound containing two or more epoxy groups and mainly finds application in coatings, electrical systems and electronics, and composite materials which together consume around 80% of the global epoxy resin. In 2...
Apr 2012 $ 2100
Global and China Tantalum Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
As a kind of minor metal, tantalum finds very wide application. About half of the world's tantalum resources are applied in capacitor. The report highlights the following aspects: Reserves, output and price ...
Apr 2012 $ 1500
China Tungsten Industry Report, 2012
By Research In China
The wide application of touch screen technology in such electronics as smart phones and tablet PCs boosts the demand for tungsten, and the exploitation of tungsten is circumscribed in many countries, as a result, there is acute conflict between tu...
Apr 2012 $ 2000
Global and China Molybdenum Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
In 2011, molybdenum demand showed rapid growth; and global molybdenum market saw the growing balanced supply and demand. In the same year, China produced 85 kilotons of molybdenum, accounting for 34.1% of the world's total; and consumed 75 kiloton...
Apr 2012 $ 1900
Global and China Stainless Steel Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
Due to the financial crisis, major stainless steel tycoons worldwide suffered decline in business performance and have not yet to totally gain resumption from the setback. In order to improve the declining profitability and competitiveness, the Eu...
Apr 2012 $ 1700
China Magnesium Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
In 2010, the primary magnesium output of China increased by 30.3% year-on-year to 653,800 tons. However, the eurozone debt crisis and global economic slowdown in 2011 imposed a negative impact on the primary magnesium output of China, with the fig...
Mar 2012 $ 1500
China Structural Adhesive Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
As high value-added adhesive products, structural adhesives put forward higher requirements on technical content, manufacturing and use conditions than ordinary adhesives. China's structural adhesive development mainly relied on the introduction o...
Mar 2012 $ 1600
Research Report of Chinese Rare Earth Industry, 2012
By China Research and Intelligence
In 1980s, the smelting separation technology popularized in three state-owned rare earth factories situated in Baotou, Shanghai and Zhujiang was spread over China quickly, and the productivity of Chinese smelting separation products of rare earth ...
Mar 2012 $ 2800
China Coated Sheet Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
In 2011, China's coated sheet output was 5.833 million tons, up 8.28% year on year; the growth rate was lower than that in 2010 by 8.4 percentage points. In China, the output of ordinary coated sheets will remain stable in the next few years, whil...
Mar 2012 $ 1800
China Alumina Industry Report, 2010-2011
By Research In China
Alumina, as the basic raw material in primary aluminum smelting, is chiefly used to produce metallic aluminum through electrolysis. With bettering profitability since 2011, the large aluminum corporations around the globe have sped up capacity res...
Mar 2012 $ 1600
China Rare Earth Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
The prices of rare earth resources fluctuated greatly in China in 2011. The Chinese government constantly introduced industrial policies in H1 to improve the environmental standards and control the export, which resulted in the declining output an...
Mar 2012 $ 2200
China Aluminum Rolling Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
Aluminum rolling industrial products mainly consists of two categories i.e. aluminum sheet & strip and aluminum foil, and China is currently the world's largest producer and exporter of aluminum sheets, strips and foils. In 2010, China's alumi...
Feb 2012 $ 1500
Global and China Plastic Packaging Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
In the global plastic packaging industry, the CAGR was roughly 7.2% between 2001 and 2010, featuring the fastest growth in packaging industry breakdown. For China, the market scale of plastic packaging industry approximated USD66.4 billion in 2011...
Jan 2012 $ 2200
Global and China Copper Alloy Bar and Wire Industry Report, 2010-2012
By Research In China
In recent years, the global copper processing capacity has kept being transferred to China. In 2010, China’s output of copper alloy bar and wire products both ranked No. 1 in the world, accounting for 19.96% and ...
Dec 2011 $ 2100

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