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High-volume, High-speed Data Transmission Needs Boost The Fiber Optic Connectors Market


Fiber optic connectors are a significant part of the global telecommunication market. Optical fibers are connected using fiber optic connectors, which permit the light conduction between two sequential optical fibers. Another vital use of fiber optic connectors is in rapid transmitting of high-volume data and across large spaces. A fiber optic network is convenient in the manner that it has a bandwidth of 10 Gbps or more.


The need for fiber optic connectors is induced owing to several reasons. As the fiber optic connectors are made of very light materials, they permit high-speed transfer of high-volume data considerably more effortlessly than the typical copper cables. Furthermore, optic fibers do not have a restriction concerning distance and are secured. The uninterrupted development of the telecom industry has given rise to an amplified requirement for high-bandwidth connections, which on the other hand has profited the fiber optic connectors market.


Fiber optic connectors are utilized across plentiful of applications including telecommunication, inter/intra building applications, data centers, community antenna televisions, security systems, and high-density interconnection amid others. The promptly swelling demand for high bandwidth services, among consumers, essentially boosts the market. Applications such as video services, TV-on-demand, and online gaming have led to in an increase in the demand for high-speed data. Emergent apprehensions of higher security, safety, and requirement of 4G services also kindle the growth of this market. Users are shifting to smaller, competent and multi-fiber connectors for greater performance productivity.


Governments in Europe and Asia-Pacific region are spending considerably in the fiber optics technology to augment their network infrastructures. Requirement for optical fiber connectors from governments is predominantly high in developing markets such as China, India, and Brazil. Enhancing the networking amongst government agencies is a rising need in these countries, contributing to the increased requirement from the global optical fiber connectors market. Nevertheless, the elements confining the growth of this market consists of new infrastructure requirements, high initial cost of investment, high upkeep and accessibility of additional technologies such as wireless broadband connections in the market. The swelling acceptance of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and the growing implementation of 4G LTE network platforms offer plentiful prospects for growth in the market.


Market players offer a wide range of fiber optic connectors to gratify the increasing needs of consumers. In addition, the market players are acquiring and teaming up with top companies to boost their product portfolio and magnify their customer base. For example, Optical Cable Corporation has introduced a tamper-resistant LC fiber optic connector in partnership with Centric Solutions. This distinctive connector consists of an extra layer of lock-and-key solution that gives an added layer of security to network ports. Molex Incorporated is another noticeable market player posing a wide portfolio of fiber optic connectors to gratify the growing necessities of consumers. Other prominent players in the market include T.E. Connectivity, Siemens AG, Delphi Automotive PLC, 3M, and Adtek Group Limited amongst others.


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