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China Antimony Industry Report, 2014-2017


Since 2014, China’s antimony industry has been characterized by the following:

First, China holds a stable position as a major antimony producer.

According to the statistics by USGS, in 2013, up to 163,000 tons of antimony ores were produced globally, of which China contributed 130,000 tons, a figure that took a lion’s share of 79.75%.

Second, China saw a decline in the output of antimony concentrates and antimony products, with a higher degree of industrial concentration.

Starting from 2014, owing to weak downstream demand, domestic adequate supply, and lower operating rate of antimony product producers, China's antimony product output for Jan.-Oct. 2014 fell to 212,263 tons, down 15.23% year on year. As a result, China’s antimony concentrate output showed a slight drop, to 101,193 tons over the same period, a year-on-year decrease of 5.03%. Also in the first 10 months of 2014, China’s top 3 provinces by antimony concentrate output were Hunan, Yunnan, and Guangxi, whose combined output occupied 90% of the national total.

Third, antimony demand from automobile industry maintained rapid growth.

In terms of antimony consumption in China, the biggest application is flame retardant, which represented roughly 50% of the total consumption. In recent years, the demand for flame retardant from auto parts industry has kept rapid growth, with automotive plastic parts accounting for approximately 10% of the total auto weight. In the coming 5 years, as automobile industry grows, China’s flame retardant consumption will see an AAGR of 5%.

China Antimony Industry Report, 2014-2017 is primarily concerned with the following:

  • Global antimony reserves, output, and demand;
  • Policies about antimony industry in China, mainly including these on exploitation cap and export quotas;
  • China’s antimony reserves and distribution, antimony concentrates, output and distribution of antimony
  • products, antimony demand, demand structure and major antimony applications, main antimony price
  • trends and market competition pattern;
  • China’s import & export volume of antimony concentrates antimony products;
  • 10 major antimony related enterprises in China.
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China Antimony Industry Report, 2014-2017

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