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China Silicon Carbide Industry Report, 2014-2017


As a major producer and exporter of silicon carbide, China contributes about 80% to the global silicon carbide capacity. In 2013, China exported 286,800 tons of silicon carbide after the abolition of the export quota system, up 73.8% year on year. From January to November of 2014, China’s silicon carbide export volume amounted to 289,800 tons.

In 2014, there were more than 200 silicon carbide smelting enterprises in China with the annual capacity of over 2.20 million tons, including over 1.20 million tons of green silicon carbide and about 1 million tons of black silicon carbide. However, the rapid capacity expansion in the previous two years and the sluggish photovoltaic industry (one of main downstream sectors) led to a low capacity utilization rate. As the photovoltaic industry warms up as well as refractories, ceramics, LED and other industries grow steadily, China’s silicon carbide capacity utilization rate is expected to rise.

In China, major silicon carbide producers consist of Xindaxin Materials, Longhai Silicon, Lanzhou Heqiao, Yicheng New Material, Ningxia Jinjing and so forth. Among them, Xindaxin Materials acquired 100% stake of Yicheng New Material on April 27, 2013 to become China's largest silicon carbide blade material production and recycling company; at present, its silicon carbide capacity is up to 210,000 tons / a and its wafer cutting mortar recycling capacity hits above 60,000 tons / a.

Although China silicon carbide industry has a large scale and sufficient capacity, the silicon carbide products of the industry are mainly low-end primary products, while fine deep-processed products with high added value are in short supply. Now, only Tianfu Energy, SICC, Hebei Tongguang and EpiWorld can mass-produce silicon carbide wafers in China..

Tianfu Energy relies on its subsidiary -- TankeBlue to produce 70,000 pcs/a silicon carbide monocrystalline products with the sizes of 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. SICC mainly produces 2-inch, 3-inch and 4 inch silicon carbide monocrystalline substrates with the capacity of 20,000 pcs/ a. Hebei Tongguang has realized the mass productin of 2-inch silicon carbide wafers and will produce 4-inch products in large scale before May 2015 with the estimated annual capacity of 50,000 pieces. The Sino-US joint venture EpiWorld focuses on the production of 3-inch and 4 inch silicon carbide epitaxial wafers. In May 2014, EpiWorld’s 6-inch silicon carbide epitaxial wafers were successfully developed and put into production formally.

The report covers the following aspects:

  • Operating environments for China silicon carbide industry, including international environment and domestic macro environment and policies;
  • Overview of China silicon carbide industry, embracing status quo, market supply and demand, competition pattern, import & export, price trend and development trends;
  • Development of upstream and downstream sectors of silicon carbide in China (anthracite, quartz sand, coal tar, wear-resistant materials, refractories, ceramics, LED, etc.);
  • Operation and silicon carbide business of 15 silicon carbide manufacturers in China.
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China Silicon Carbide Industry Report, 2014-2017

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