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China Outdoor Gear Industry Report, 2015-2018


In recent years, the fact that outdoor activity is becoming increasingly prevalent has promoted the rapid development of Chinese outdoor gear industry. The total retail sales of China’s outdoor gear industry reached RMB20.08 billion in 2014, jumping by 11.2% year on year.

Sales channels of China outdoor gear industry cover professional outdoor stores, department stores, e-commerce and others, among which department store channel witnesses swift development. In 2014, the number of outdoor gear shops in department stores expanded quickly to 7,872 which was 3.7 times that of professional outdoor stores, and outdoor gear sales in those department stores amounted to RMB11.65 billion, occupying 58% of the total retail sales. By contrast, under the impact of e-commerce and department store channels, professional outdoor stores see a decreasing proportion of the total retail sales, such as 18.6% in 2014.

At present, most foreign brands have entered China and occupied about 70% share of the Chinese outdoor gear market, but the homegrown brands have sprung up. In 2014, the number of domestic Chinese brands rose by 46 to 504, including 354 core brands such as Toread, MobiGarden, Sanfo Outdoors, Camel and Kolumb.

Toread is the only Chinese outdoor gear giant that can compete with foreign counterparts, boasting three brands, namely Toread, ACANU and Discovery Expedition, which are absorbed in different areas. In 2014, Toread seized the market share of 8.5%. Currently, the company is building an ecosystem involving outdoor travel, sport and the Internet. In June 2015, the company issued a non-public offering plan to raise RMB2.105 billion for the construction of Toread Cloud Project, camping, skiing and outdoor multifunctional experience projects, Lvye outdoor travel O2O projects.

MobiGarden is specialized in R & D, design, production and marketing of camping tents, outdoor clothing and other outdoor gear, enjoying 2.3% share in the Chinese outdoor gear market in 2014. In January 2015, MobiGarden applied for IPO and intended to raise a total of RMB384 million for a ""one-stop"" marketing channel construction project, O2O management system and information technology projects, storage centers and showrooms.

The leading outdoor gear retailer Sanfo Outdoors grasped 1.5% share in the Chinese outdoor gear market in 2014. While acting as an agent of foreign brands, Sanfo Outdoors has established two own brands ""Sanfo"" and ""Anemaqen"", which generated the revenue of RMB4.895 million (accounting for 1.6% of the total) in 2014.

The report highlights the followings:

  • Status quo (including development background and market capacity) of foreign outdoor gear industry;
  • Status quo, competitive landscape, operating environments and development trends of China outdoor gear industry;

Operation, outdoor gear business, prediction and prospects of 5 global and 9 Chinese outdoor gear companies.

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China Outdoor Gear Industry Report, 2015-2018

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