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Skin Care Product Manufacturing Industry Overview in China, 2016-2020



Skin care products, also known as cosmetics, are generic names of make-ups protecting the skin. They protect the skin from external harm such as chemical substances and metal ions together with excessive moisture loss. Meanwhile, they can promote the blood circulation and metabolism.

Skin care products can be divided into types of skin cleaning, caring and treatment by production process and form, targeted ones of daytime and nighttime by time period, and specified ones for ladies, gentlemen and children by user. They can also be classified by function. Another classification refers to professional (mainly sold in the beauty salon) and daily skin care products (mainly sold through common channels) by way of sales.

According to CRI, the skin care product market in China is the leading emerging one in the globe for the economy and population. The sales value of skin care products increased from over CNY 90 billion in 2011 to CNY 130 billion in 2015 with the CAGR of about 9.1% exceeding the growth rate of GDP during the corresponding period.

The consumption value of skin care products per capita increases yearly in China. First, the consumption ability and willingness are enhanced with the attention to health, beauty and material life. Second, the overall expenses of consumers increase with abundant varieties and functions of skin care products in China. However, the sales of skin care products are stimulated by various sales promotions on online platforms with the development of the e-commerce industry.

Skin care products are large in number and intense in competition. According to CRI, the aggregate market share of top 5 skin care product manufacturers was less than 24% in 2015, which indicates the stage of free competition of this industry. However, barriers to entry in the skin care product market remain high for new enterprises and brands. It is mainly because the maturity and stability of sales channels are of great importance for enterprises of such fast moving consumer goods. Barriers are higher for skin care products to entry in retail terminals such as department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and franchise stores due to the intense competition. Large-scale supermarkets and hypermarkets particularly charge higher entry fees and other selling expenses in accordance with the scale, coverage and influence. New brands cannot cover costs without certain sales volume as supporting. Generally speaking, new enterprises of skin care products need large pre-investment in sales channels, funds, construction period and it is difficult to form channel advantages within a short period.

On the one hand, domestic skin care products face challenges from international famous brands with the economic globalization. On the other hand, this impact also promotes the integration, upgrading and technologies of domestic skin care product industry.

According to CRI, major consumers of the skin care product market include children, males in addition to young ladies in China. Meanwhile, the pursuit for health and returning to nature become a trend with the upgrading of the industry structure. The mainstream of skin care product developing transfers to new raw materials such as biologic preparation, bioactivity extractives and plant extracts. The market size of the skin care product manufacturing industry is expected to remain an annual growth rate of above 8% and exceed that of GDP in the next few years.

Through this report, readers can acquire more about:

  • Definition and Classification of Skin Care Products
  • Research Methods of the Report
  • Production and Demand Status of Skin Care Product Industry in China
  • Analysis on Top 5 Skin Care Product Manufacturers in China
  • Development Opportunities and Driving Forces Faced by Skin Care Product Manufacturing Industry in China
  • Risks and Challenges in Development of Skin Care Product Manufacturing Industry in China
  • Analysis on Prices of Major Raw Materials of Skin Care Products
  • Analysis on Prices of Skin Care Products in China
  • Prediction on Development of Skin Care Product Manufacturing Industry in China
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Skin Care Product Manufacturing Industry Overview in China, 2016-2020


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