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Research Report on Home Care Product Industry in China, 2016-2020



Home care products include those for cleaning and conserving clothes, furniture, floor, kitchen, bathroom as well as those for improving household environment like the air fresher.

Home care products can be classified into cleaners of hard surface and carpets by the texture, special purpose detergent in glassware, plastic and decoration by material, cleaners for tableware, ovens, disinfection of fruits and vegetables, refrigerators and ceramic tiles by object, as well as that for bath bowl, urinal and air fresher.

The demand for home care products grows with the development of economy and livelihood. According to CRI, the sales revenue of home care products increased from over CNY 90 billion in 2011 to over CNY 120 billion in 2015 with the CAGR of about 7.7%.

According to CRI, there are more than 1,000 home care product manufacturers with a rising market concentration rate. Enterprises occupy about half of the shares of the home care product market such as Liby, Nice, Unilever (China), Procter & Gamble (China) and Blue Moon. Most of other market shares are occupied by small and medium-sized enterprises with an intense competition.

CRI research shows that major consumers of home care products are females in China mainly due to their responsibilities for household chores and purchasing initiatives. In terms of professions, major demand of students includes laundry products together with dish and fruit washing ones while that of working and stay-at-home women includes kitchen and bathroom ones in addition. In terms of age, major consumers are young and middle-aged women while the demand of the elderly is less. Consumers can also be divided by nature into individual ones purchasing at stores, supermarkets and shopping websites together with enterprises purchasing through distributors or manufacturers.

The variety of home care products increases with the development of economy. Laundry products and kitchen cleaners are daily necessities so consumers prefer effective, healthy and environment friendly ones to cheap ones. Chinese consumers prefer other home care products with strong effects without harm and pungent odor as well. CRI estimates that the CAGR of the market size of the home care product manufacturing industry will remain above 6% in China from 2016 to 2020.

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Definition and Classification of Home Care Products
  • Research Methods of the Report
  • Production and Demand Status of Home Care Product Industry in China
  • Analysis on Top 5 Home Care Product Manufacturers in China
  • Development Opportunities and Driving Forces Faced by Home Care Product Manufacturing Industry in China
  • Risks and Challenges in Development of Home Care Product Manufacturing Industry in China
  • Analysis on Prices of Major Raw Materials of Home Care Products
  • Analysis on Prices of Home Care Products in China
  • Prediction on Development of Home Care Product Manufacturing Industry in China
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Research Report on Home Care Product Industry in China, 2016-2020


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