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Research Report on China Gold Production Industry, 2017-2021



The gold production sources include gold mining enterprises, non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises and gold smelting enterprises. The output volume of gold was 450.053 tons in China in 2015 decreasing by 1.746 tons with a decline of 0.39% YOY compared to 2014, of which the gold deposit was 379.423 tons and that of nonferrous metal by-product gold was 70.630 tons. The market concentration rate of China gold manufacturing industry is high. The output volume of finished gold products and mineral gold of leading enterprises including Zhongjin Gold, Zijin Mining Group, Shandong Gold Group and Shandong Zhaojin Group accounts for about half of the total in China.

Chinese residents prefer to deposit and invest in noble metal like gold for its characteristics as a tradition. The consumption volume of gold was 985.90 tons in China in 2015 increasing by 34.81 tons at a rate of 3.66% compared to 2014. The jewelry gold accounts for over 70% of the total while other major consumption fields include gold bars, gold coins and industrial gold.

Gold is a special product with properties of both general commodities and currencies as global strategic assets and foundation of various financial reserve systems. According to the latest data released by People's Bank of China on Jul.17, 2015, the gold reserve increased by 604 tons to 1,658.1 tons and reached 1,762.32 tons by the end of 2015 compared to six years ago.

The average international gold price was as slump as 1,156.19 dollar/ounce with a decline of about 40% compared to April 2013. The output volume of gold fell for the first time with the slump price in 2015 while it will remain the world's leading manufacturer for nine consecutive years. The gold consumption recovered with the sales of jewelry in 2015. China becomes the world's largest gold processer and jewelry consumer with an increase of 14.52 tons YOY of jewelry gold.

Meanwhile, the gold derivative market develops rapidly in China. The accumulated trading volume of all gold varieties of Shanghai Gold Exchange was 34,100 tons with an increase of 84.28% YOY in 2015, which was the world's largest physical trading market in the field. Meanwhile, the accumulated trading volume of gold futures in Shanghai Futures Exchange was 50,600 tons with an increase of 6.08% YOY ranking the first in the globe. Shanghai-Hong Kong Gold Connect was officially opened in July 2015. Meanwhile, Bank of China and China Construction Bank were respectively approved to participate in the benchmark pricing of London Gold in June and October. China gold market exerts an increasing influence on that of the world.

The import volume of gold grows with the demand in China. The import volume of gold exceeded 1,400 tons and over half of them were from Hong Kong in 2015.

In recent years, the national consciousness of investment in gold enhances in China while it is still inferior to the international level. Gold ownership per capita is less than 8g while that of the globe is about 30g, leading to huge development space of the gold market. China is expected to remain the largest gold consumer in the world in the next few years.

Readers can obtain the following information or more through this report:

  • Development Environment of Gold Market in China
  • Production Status of Gold in China
  • Market Demand for Gold in China
  • Major Gold Manufacturers and Their Operation Status in China
  • Competition Status of Gold Market in China
  • Production Costs of Gold in China
  • Price Trend of Gold in China
  • Major Driving Forces and Investment Opportunities in China Gold Industry
  • Risks and Challenges in China Gold Industry
  • Forecast on Development Trend of Gold Market in China
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Research Report on China Gold Production Industry, 2017-2021


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