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China Cranberry Extract Industry Overview, 2017-2021



Cranberry belongs to ericaceae vaccinium cranberry evergreen shrubs with strong resistance to coldness, which is mainly planted in cool areas and alpine wetland areas of the Northern Hemisphere as well as Changbai Mountain and Hinggan regions of China.

In some parts of North America, cranberries are widely planted, of which the fruit is mainly processed into juice and jam. As a kind of healthy food, cranberry sauce always serves as the ingredient for turkey which is the main course of Thanksgiving and Christmas together with the condiment.

Cranberry is rich in not only Vitamin C but also phytochemicals including anthocyanin, proanthocyanidines and gallogen, which can be the super antioxidant. According to United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), cranberry is used as the auxiliary to prevent the cystitis and urinary tract infection, of which the remarkable curative effect is widely recognized. In addition, the procyanidine of cranberries also has excellent oxidation resistance for improving atherosclerosis, restoring the elasticity of blood vessel and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The anti-adhesion mechanism of cranberry also plays a role in the oral cavity, which is embodied in reducing the number of bacteria in saliva with regular gargles in use of cranberry extracts. Periodontitis is the major reason of tooth loss with age increasing. Gargles with cranberry extracts can reduce the bacteria adhesion around the teeth and gums so as to decrease the occurrence of periodontitis.

China exports a considerable number of cranberry extracts per year. Many Chinese enterprises engage in the production of cranberry extracts. Some enterprises use domestic cranberries as raw materials, while other enterprises use imported cranberries from North America as raw materials. Domestic cranberry shares the price with imported one.

The present report obtains the first hand information of China cranberry extract market through researches. It provides investors with information concerning market status, competition situation, development trend and investment opportunities through analyzing raw materials, production and demand of cranberry extracts.

Through this report, readers can acquire the following information:

  • Development Environment of China Cranberry Extract Industry
  • Development Status of China Cranberry Extract Industry
  • Key Enterprises in China Cranberry Extract Industry and Their Operation Status
  • Market Competition of China Cranberry Extract Industry
  • Major Driving Forces and Market Opportunities in China Cranberry Extract Industry
  • Threats and Challenges Faced by China Cranberry Extract Industry
  • Price Trend of Raw Materials of Cranberry Extracts in China
  • Development Trend of China Cranberry Extract Industry, 2017-2021
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China Cranberry Extract Industry Overview, 2017-2021


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