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Global and China Wind Farm O&M Industry Report, 2017-2021


As the wind power installed capacity grows and the warranty period of a large number of wind turbines is coming to an end, wind farm O & M has become the focus of the industry. In 2016, the global wind farm O & M market size jumped 12% year on year to about USD10.75 billion; in 2021, the size will rise to USD18.612 billion.

China is the world's largest wind farm O & M market, with the market size of about USD2.716 billion and making up 25.3% of the global total in 2016. Given a rising number of wind turbines whose warranty period expires, China’s wind farm O & M market size is anticipated to keep an AAGR of 13% during 2017-2021 and hit USD5.021 billion by 2021.

At present, Chinese wind farm O & M market still centers on regular maintenance and breakdown maintenance, which share more than 45% together. With the continuous introduction of new technologies and products, state maintenance will be the main development trend of the future wind farm O & M.

Currently, players in the Chinese wind farm O&M market can be mainly divided into three types: wind turbine manufacturers, wind farm developers and third-party O&M companies. In 2016, wind farm developers represented by Concord New Energy and Longyuan Power enjoyed the lion’s share --74%, followed by wind turbine manufacturers such as Goldwind, Ming Yang Wind Power, United Power and SinovelWind Group with 15% and third-party O&M companies (still a small scale) including EULIKIND, Han Energy Technology and CLCP with 11%.

Additionally, under the impetus of the Internet, big data, intelligent manufacturing and other policies, the major companies have begun to deploy wisdom O & M systems in the past two years. Goldwind launched the integrated digital wisdom wind farm O & M management model in 2016 to serve a number of wind farms around the world with operational services. United Power has built a remote data monitoring center based on the cloud platform in Beijing. Sharing, intelligence and concentration will be the main direction of the future wind farm O & M.

Global and China Wind Farm O&M Industry Report, 2017-2021 by ResearchInChina focuses on the following:

  • Global wind power installed capacity and distribution; China's wind power installed capacity, regional structure, offshore wind power development and corporate structure;
  • Global wind farm O & M market size and geographical distribution; development of European wind farm O & M market;
  • Chinese wind farm O & M market size, cost analysis and competitive landscape and development trends;
  • Operation and development strategies of 18 major global and Chinese wind farm O & M companies.
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Global and China Wind Farm O&M Industry Report, 2017-2021

Published By :Research In China

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