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Global and China MLCC Electronic Ceramics Industry Report, 2019-2025


MLCC is mainly used in audio and video equipment, mobile phones, computers and automobiles. The prospective boom of MLCC formula powder hinges on demand: 1) The accelerated renewal of consumer electronics like mobile phone triggers higher demand for stand-alone MLCC; 2) In the domain of automotive electronics, the demand for medium- and high-voltage, high-capacity and other high-end MLCC products grows with higher automotive electronic rate and higher electric vehicle output. Additionally, downstream MLCC vendors Murata and Samsung Electro-Mechanics have clearly confirmed the reduction of low- and medium-end MLCC capacity from 2018 and turned to high-end products. In brief, the MLCC electric ceramics market is expected to grow further.

As for competitive landscape, the global MLCC formula powder is mainly concentrated in Japan where Sakai Chemical Industry is the world's largest manufacturer of MLCC formula powder, boasting a market share of 28%. US-based Ferro and Japan-based Nippon Chemical Industrial rank second and third, with the respective market share of 20% and 14%. There are few Chinese enterprises in mass production and marketing of MLCC formula powder.

Shandong Sinocera is China’s first and the world's second vendor that successfully mass-produces nano-barium titanate powder by hydrothermal process after Japan-based Sakai Chemical Industry. It is also the largest producer and seller of MLCC formula powder in Mainland China with the current capacity of 7,000 tons/a (with the output of 4,500 tons in 2018), the outsourcing market share of more than 30% (ranking first globally), the global formula powder market share of about 10% and the domestic market share of 80% or so.

The report highlights the followings:

  • China’s MLCC industry (development course, policies and regulations, market size, production and sales, competition pattern, development trends, etc.);
  • Downstream MLCC market (MLCC supply and demand, market segments, import and export, etc.);
  • 13 major Chinese and foreign vendors including Sakai Chemical Industry, Ferro, NCI, Fuji Titan, KCM, SFC, Toda Kogyo, Shandong Sinocera, Fenghua Advanced Technology and Xiantao Zhongxing Electronic (Profile, financials, output and sales volume, major customers, key products, R&D, production base distribution, and technical features, etc.).
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Global and China MLCC Electronic Ceramics Industry Report, 2019-2025

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