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Global and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Research Report, 2019-2025

Since 2015, China's agricultural machinery industry has entered a stage of deep adjustment. It slumped in 2016 and 2017 and remained a low level in 2018 with the annual revenue growth rate of 1.67%. The profits of enterprises above designated size (with the annual revenue over RMB20 million) fell sharply to -15.76%. The export delivery value shrank by 2.17% year on year. It is expected that China's agricultural machinery industry will continue to face a downward trend in 2019.

The product mix adjustment of agricultural machinery is gradually deepened amidst the industry adjustment. In 2018, the downward pressure on tractors, harvesters and transplanters increased significantly. According to China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, China produced 1,797.77 million large and medium tractors, 36,891 small four-wheel tractors and 72,302 walking tractors in 2018, down 20.79%, 79.14% and 21.21% year on year, respectively.

Given the huge ownership, most wheat harvesters only need be updated, so that the output herein has declined significantly in recent years, even saw a landslide of more than 50% in 2018. The concentration and feed capacity of rice harvesters swelled again. The annual output of crawler rice harvesters totaled 67,090 units, a decrease of 17.14% over previous year; wherein, there were 8,844 crawler rice harvesters (3kg/s=feed capacity <4kg/s), soaring by 96.14% year on year and occupying the dominant position in the market; the output of crawler rice harvesters with the feed capacity less than 2kg/s shrank by 83.68%. In 2018, the country produced a total of 24,063 corn harvesters, a year-on-year increase of 32.43%, especially three-row and four-row harvesters still prevailed as main roles in the market.

As a new type of agricultural machinery, plant protection UAVs have witnessed growth in recent years. In 2018, the ownership of plant protection UAVs in China exceeded 30,000 units, which covered the operating area of 267 million mu. In 2019, the area is expected to reach 500-600 million mu with wider agricultural applications.

In the future, China's agricultural machinery development will face both opportunities and challenges. In order to support the development of the agricultural machinery industry, the state has proposed a rural revitalization strategy, and issued Guidance on Accelerating the Agricultural Mechanization and the Transformation and Upgrading of the Agricultural Machinery Industry in December 2018, which greatly encouraged the agricultural machinery industry in trouble. At the same time, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China requires that agricultural machinery to be sold from January 1, 2020 should comply with the national emission standards IV. This indicates that the ascendance from the national emission standards III to IV is imperative, so enterprises should accelerate transformation and upgrading, intensify product R&D and innovation, as well as seize opportunities in challenges.

The report focuses on the followings:
Status quo of global agricultural machinery market, agricultural machinery development and key enterprises in major countries;
China's agricultural machinery market environment and policies (including subsidies, planning, emission standards, etc.);
Overview, main products, major enterprises, agricultural mechanization and future trends of China's agricultural machinery industry;
Sales volume, ownership, market characteristics, key enterprises, development trends, etc. of major agricultural machinery segments including tractors, harvesters, rice transplanters, cotton pickers, grain dryers and plant protection UAVs;
Development of agricultural machinery industry in 17 major provinces including Shandong, Henan and Heilongjiang;
Operation, R & D and development strategy of 8 global and 18 key Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises.
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Global and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Research Report, 2019-2025

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