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Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2019-2025


Optical fiber preform, playing an important role in the optical fiber and cable industry chain, seizes about 70% profits of optical fiber. Global demand for optical fiber preform stood at 16.2kt in 2018, a mere 5.5% growth, far lower than in 2017, as optical fiber market slowed down, but is projected to hit 25kt in 2025 with the growing demand from large-scale 5G construction, among others. China, as a key consumer of optical fiber preform, accounted for 56.7% of the global total demand in 2018, a share projected to be 60% in 2025.

Optical fiber preform is still in short supply in China, a large supplier worldwide. Yet, as more optical fiber preform projects become operational, the supply gap in the country will be narrowed, and over 85% will be self-sufficient in 2025, compared with 81.9% in 2018.

China’s imports of optical fiber preform slumped in 2018, and the gloomy picture continues to 2019. That’s because China still carries out the optical fiber preform anti-dumping policy (on July 10, 2018, Chinese government announced to continue imposing anti-dumping duties on optical fiber preform from Japan and the United States for 5 years), and furthermore, trade tensions between China and the US have yet to be eased.

Global optical fiber preform industry features a high concentration. There are just around 20 manufacturers, largely in Japan, the United States and China and typically Corning, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Shin-Etsu Chemical, YOFC and Hengtong Optic-electric. By capacity, YOFC boasts the largest share in the global market, followed by Corning.

Both of the two giants had optical fiber preform capacity expansion projects in recent two years. In YOFC’s case, in late 2018, Phase II of YOFC Qianjiang Co., Ltd.’s 500 t/a OVD optical fiber preform capacity expansion project went into production, sending YOFC’s total capacity to 3,500t/a; YOFC also has such projects under construction as YOFC Qianjiang Phase III and Shin-Etsu YOFC (Hubei) Optical Preform Co., Ltd.’s Phase II and YOFC SDG (Hubei) Optical Preform Co., Ltd.’s new project. As for Corning, following operation of its optical fiber preform technological upgrading project in Hainan province in 2018, it pushed on with construction of optical fiber preform technological upgrading and capacity expansion project which drew to an end in August 2019, with a capacity of 1,066 t/a.

A combination of factors like anti-dumping policy are at play in rapid growth of Chinese optical fiber preform companies which already have stronger competence in research and development and enlarge their capacity. As with large manufacturers YOFC, Hengtong Optic-electric, Futong Group and Corning (Hainan) Optical Communication, in 2019 other main optical fiber preform suppliers in China, like Jiangsu Etern, Tianjin Futong Xinmao Science & Technology, Hangzhou Cable, STL-Sterlite Technologies and Hebei Far East Communication System Engineering (HBFEC), also have deployed optical fiber preform projects. According to the disclosed projects, it is predicted that China’s optical fiber preform capacity will outstrip 25kt/a in 2025, a sign of excess capacity.

In 2019, price of optical fiber preform products has dropped a bit in China due to higher risk of overcapacity, smaller supply gap and fiercer competition in the market.

Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2019-2025 highlights the following:

  • Global optical fiber preform market (supply & demand, regional distribution, price, competitive pattern, and development trend);
  • Chinese optical fiber preform market (policy, patents, supply & demand, import & export, competitive pattern, price, and development trend);
  • Developments of global and China optical fiber & cable markets;
  • 13 global and Chinese optical fiber preform companies (operation, optical fiber preform business, etc.).
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Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2019-2025

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