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China Automated Teller Machine Industry Report, 2014-2018
By Research In China
Global and Chinese ATM markets (2013-2014) present characteristics and trends as follows: (1) By country, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Philippines and other countries with low-density ATM installation will be new...
Jan 2015 $ 2400
Global and China Agricultural Insurance Industry Report, 2013-2014
By Research In China
In 2007-2013, the risk guarantee offered by China’s agricultural insurance rose from RMB112.6 billion to RMB1.4 trillion; a total of RMB76 billion was paid to 143 million peasant households as compensation. In 2013, China recorded agricultur...
May 2014 $ 2150
China Currency Sorter Industry Report, 2014
By Research In China
Currency sorter, a kind of financial machines and tools, mainly consists of banknote sorter and coin sorter. Market demand for currency sorter in China came in full swing from 2005, and sales revenue has reached RMB 7.532 billion as of 201...
May 2014 $ 1900
China Internet Financing Industry Report, 2014
By Research In China
Internet financing refers to the service pattern in which relevant companies carry out cooperation with financial institutions to provide customers with wealth preservation and appreciation through internet technology and platform. With the develo...
May 2014 $ 1800
China Financial Leasing Industry Report, 2014
By Research In China
Since 2013, China's financial leasing industry has continued to maintain rapid growth, with total turnover reaching approximately RMB2.35 trillion as of the end of March 2014, an increase of RMB250 billion from RMB2.1 trillion at the end of Decemb...
Apr 2014 $ 2500
China Online Lending Industry Report, 2014
By Research In China
With the continuous expansion of scale, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises are seeing rapid growth in capital requirements, but often shut out by large commercial banks on the grounds of unsound financial system, lack of pledged asse...
Apr 2014 $ 1900
2014 Investment Guide - Manufactures Transfer from China to Vietnam
By China Research and Intelligence
Since China's reform and opening-up,  foreign capitals and industries have been transferred to China. China's GDP ranks the second in the world. However, the cost of land, energy, labor force, etc. is increasing fast in China. Many manufactur...
Jan 2014 $ 800
China Automatic Teller Machine Industry Report, 2013-2016
By Research In China
In 2013, Chinese ATM market characterizes the followings: First, China becomes the country with the most quantity of ATM, surpassing the United States. By H1 2013, 465,600 sets of ATM had been included in China UnionPay, exceeding ...
Dec 2013 $ 2100
China Third-Party Payment Industry Report, 2013-2016
By Research In China
From May 2011 when the People’s Bank of China issued the first batch of payment licenses to July 2013 when the seventh batch was released, the number of licensed third-party payment firms in China soared to 250, with the type of licenses cov...
Dec 2013 $ 2350
Global and China Financial POS Terminal Industry Report,2013-2016
By Research In China
POS (point-of-sale) machine is used for sales information collection and capital, merchandise balance recording of points of sale, associated with the settlement system of trading platform. Currently, it is mainly available for appointed merchants...
Nov 2013 $ 2100
China TV Drama Industry Report,2013-2016
By Research In China
In recent years, a series of favorable policies issued by the Chinese government in finance, intellectual property protection and culture industries stimulate the rapid expansion of Chinese TV drama market. In 2012, 612 TV dramas were laun...
Oct 2013 $ 2100
Global and China Automotive Finance Industry Report, 2013
By Research In China
China's automotive finance market is still in the early stage of development due to consumer attitude, risk management and control, etc. While the penetration of automotive finance has exceeded 80% in the United States, India and Brazil, 60% in Ja...
Aug 2013 $ 2200
China Advertising Industry Report, 2013
By Research In China
China's advertising industry from 2012 to the first half of 2013 showed the following characteristics: Traditional media kit advertising growth has slowed down, touching its lowest level in the five years. Due to m...
Jul 2013 $ 1800
Research Report on China's Asset Securitization, 2013-2017
By China Research and Intelligence
Asset securitization is a financial innovation aimed to improve liquidity and raise funds. It is a technology and process of structuring illiquid assets that can produce predictable and stable cash flows, reallocating risks and benefits, providing...
Jun 2013 $ 2800
China Financial Leasing Industry Report, 2013
By Research In China
In 2012, the financial leasing industry of China presented remarkably rapid development, with business turnover reaching RMB1.55 trillion, an increase of about RMB620 billion (66.7%) from RMB930 billion at the end of 2...
Jan 2013 $ 2200
China City Commercial Bank Industry Report, 2012
By Research In China
In 2011, Chinese city commercial bank industry continued high-speed growth. In the same year, the total assets of Chinese city commercial banks amounted to RMB11.5134 trillion, with a year-on-year rise of 15.3%; the liabilities totaled RMB10.7584 ...
Sep 2012 $ 2300
China Financial POS terminal Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
The increasingly robust domestic demand for bank card payment and the mushrooming number of merchants in the POS network boost the demand for financial POS terminals. As of the end of 2011, there had been 3.18 million merchants in the interbank pa...
Aug 2012 $ 1600
China Financial Leasing Industry Report, 2011
By Research In China
After the rapid development during the "Eleventh Five-Year" (2006-2010) period, China's financial leasing industry gradually returned to reason in 2011, and achieved annual business volume of RMB 930 billion, up 32.9% ...
Jan 2012 $ 2200
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