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China's Pesticide Market to Make Steady Growth with Rising Demands


In recent years, the pesticide industry in China has developed quite steadily. In 2012, the output volume of chemical pesticide in China was around 3.549 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 34%. In China there are more than 2000 pesticide manufacturing establishments. However, these manufacturers have a low market concentration. Pesticides are primarily used in agriculture as a means to protect crops from insects and diseases. There are many different types of pesticides present in the market and they include biopesticides, pyrethroid pesticides, carbarnate pesticides, organochloride pesticides, sulphonylurea pesticides and organophosphate pesticides. Pesticides help to increase the yield and quality of agricultural crops. Some of the factors that are contributing to the growth of the pesticide market in China are innovative product offerings, increased pest infestation, growth in population and increasing need for food crops.

Industry Overview
According to reports, the six largest agrochemical manufacturers in the world control nearly 75% of the global pesticide market. The top pesticide companies in the world are Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow AgriSciences and DuPont. These companies have excellent research and development facilities and are coming up with new varieties of pesticides. Earlier Chinese companies were only used as production bases for pesticide manufacturing companies and there was not much specialization in R&D. However, the trend has changed and Chinese pesticide companies have also started investing in R&D and are coming up with innovative products. Some of the leading Chinese pesticide manufacturers are Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical, Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group, Hubei Sanonda and Nanjing Red Sun.

The demand, size and growth of pesticides vary in different regions of China. The two largest pesticide markets in China are the Central-East and Central-South region. It is forecasted that the demand for pesticides from these two regions will account for 70% of total demand in 2015. Increased output of high-value crops will drive the demand for pesticides in these regions. In terms of product type, insecticides are predicted to remain the largest market in 2015 with a growth rate of 3.7% per year. Government subsidies and improvements in pesticide varieties are two major factors that are contributing to the growth in the pesticide market in China.

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