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China's TV Drama Industry Overview


The television industry in China has grown exponentially in the last couple of years with modernization of broadcasting system. Currently, there are more than 3000 TV stations across the country that has increased the growth of the television industry. There is intense competition in the industry as more and more international and local media players are entering the Chinese market. It is interesting to note that China has largest television audience in the world with a 97% household penetration for TV coverage. The top three broadcasters in China in terms of revenue are China Central Television (CCT), Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) and Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Foreign satellite TV channels such as BBC, CNN, TVB, CNBC and Bloomberg Television also broadcast in China, although they are occasionally censored.

The TV networks in China broadcast a wide variety of programs ranging from documentary, news, entertainment, reality shows, drama and comedy. Of all these genres, TV drama is one of the most popular genres and has the highest viewership rating in the country. The popularity of the TV drama genre is such that it enjoys primetime broadcast on almost all channels. In recent years, there has been rapid expansion in the Chinese TV drama sector with development in the economy, favorable policies by the Chinese government, decrease in regulation and protection of intellectual property.

In 2010, there were around 436 TV dramas that were broadcasted in China, with over 14700 episodes being telecasted. This made China the world’s largest producer of TV drama. In 2012, the number of television dramas that were launched in China rose to 612, with over 19659 episodes being telecasted. In recent years, the script quality and production methods of TV dramas have improved dramatically. Presently there are seven Chinese companies that are involved in the production and distribution of television drama series. The top three companies that produce and distribute TV drama series are Huance TV and Films, New Culture and Enlight Media Co. Ltd.

As the Chinese TV audience becomes more demanding and discerning, television drama production companies have to come up with fresh and creative storylines and scripts. This will make production of TV drama genre more competitive in the coming years.

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