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Express Delivery Industry in China


The express delivery industry in China has maintained steady growth, notwithstanding the slow growth of the global economy in 2012. The growth in the industry is attributed to the booming e-commerce sector in China, particularly in the field of online shopping. According to analysts, the overall business volume in the express delivery industry is likely to surpass that of United States this year. This will make China the largest express delivery industry in the world. Although there has been a dramatic increase in business volume, the Chinese express delivery industry suffers from low service quality and issues in standardization and management. In the overall logistics industry, the express delivery industry is one of the fastest growing sectors.

Market Growth
In the first nine months of this year, i.e. from January 2013 to September 2013, the annual sales of the express delivery industry in China was around 20 million yuan. The express delivery enterprises completed the delivery of around 6.18 billion mails and parcels, representing an increase of 61.2% year on year. The revenue generated by the delivery of express mails and parcels comes from both inter-city and intra-city business. However, it is interesting to note that the revenue generated from inter-city business was much higher than the revenue generated from intra-city business. In 2013, the total revenue generated by inter-city revenue was 56.64 billion yuan while total revenue generated from intra-city revenue is 11.54 billion yuan.

The express delivery industry in China is highly fragmented with more than 20 key players. The largest express delivery enterprise in China is EMS which has a market share of 15.5%. STO Express with 15.2% and YTO express with 12.9% has the second and third largest market share respectively in China. Other express delivery companies in China are ZTO Express, YUNDA Express, SF Express, ZJS Express and Quanfeng Express.

Delays, damage as well as loss in deliveries are some of the complaints that are eroding the reputation of express delivery companies. These issues need to be addressed to sustain growth in the industry. As the demand for reliable express delivery services in China increases, there is tremendous growth potential in the express delivery market.

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