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Hardware Stores Market Trends and Opportunities


From small street side stores to massive lumber storing yards, hardware stores are widespread across the globe. It is a multimillion dollar business handled by equally capable organizations and industry players. Although introduction of home stores have caused significant impact on the overall number of hardware stores in developing countries like America, the global market for these stores is thriving with great zest. Hardware retailing business, especially in the United State of America is highly competitive, which makes significant and continual changes in the global market scenario. Independent retailers an chain retailers that make up this industry are an inseparable part of the market, which is on the quest of finding new and effective ways of merchandizing, marketing and expanding their existing businesses.

Target Market

DIY customers or people believing in the concept of Do-It-Yourself are the target customers for the hardware stores market. Do it yourself customers are the ones who believe in purchasing all sorts of home improvement equipment, repairing and building products to successfully participate in the home improvement activities. Lack of manpower or labor and personal interests of the customers in these creative tasks highly motivate them. This motivation is the biggest drive for the regular DIY projects and drives that need constant supply of home improvement equipment and hardware supplies.

Carving a Niche

Although lack of time for the customers to work on individual home improvement projects is pulling customers back, the market still has great competition. This competition is also a potential reason behind the highly fragmented global industry of hardware stores. Retailers have strictly maintained their individuality, which is a great aspect that they can capitalize later on. Using difference in profiles in creating niches is the need of the hour for the hardware retailers across the globe. Efforts toward this goal are already on their way, which has resulted into segregation of the market into major types - do-it-yourself lumber outlets, hardware stores and home centers.

Market Trends

According to the market research reports from various leading research organizations, hardware store industry is growing at an absolutely steady growth rate. It is also expected to maintain the same pace in the next few years to come. This is a great sign for the manufactures and small and medium businesses in the industry from developing countries and emerging markets. Changing trends of demographic choices, housing requirements and changing face of the global retail industry have their impact on the current market trends for this market. Increasing requirements of housing projects in emerging markets like Asia Pacific are shifting the market focus from developed regions to developing countries.

Increasing population and rising requirements for home improvements are causing significant drive in the global industry. Increasing trends of home renovations with the changing trends are also creating better business opportunities for local hardware stores. Many small and medium businesses are participating in mergers with larger players, while some of them are creating their niches by contributing towards local groups of similar interests.

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