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Household Water Purifier Market in China: Outlook and Trends


The household water purifier market in China has been growing at a steady pace. As household’s face drinking water shortage due to increased frequency of water pollution, the demand for quality drinking water has increased in the country. Both foreign and domestic water purifier suppliers are expanding their business in China. In 2012, the water purifier market in China was approximately 15 billion yuan. The household water purifier market in China is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 24% in the next five years. This growth in water purifiers is attributed to low penetration, growing urban population, increasing consumer awareness and greater health awareness among consumers.

Outlook and Future Trends
The market for household water purifier in China can be categorized into two main segments. These are RO water purifier, UV water purifier and offline water purifier. The demand for RO water purifier is more than UV and offline water purifiers as RO water purifiers have better purifying capabilities. The market for water purifier in China is dominated by the RO segment which accounted for nearly 45% of the overall market in 2011. The other two categories, i.e. UV water purifier and offline water purifier together accounts for 55% of the market.

The sale of water purifiers is greater in northern and eastern regions of China. In 2011, 72% of household water purifier sales came from these regions. As major cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou comes under the northern and eastern regions of China, the sales in these regions are high. With a burgeoning middle class who is increasingly aware of the importance of safe drinking water, the market for water purifiers in China is all set to grow in the coming years.

Both domestic and foreign manufacturers operate in the Chinese household water purifier market. At present, there are more than 3000 companies that operate in the market. Although no single brand dominate the Chinese market, foreign brands such as Ecowater Systems Ltd., Pentair and Coway are doing good business in China. Domestic players in the market include Qinyuan, Angel Group, Midea and Beijing Origin Water Technology.

As Chinese consumers are becoming more affluent, their demand for quality drinking water is increasing. This will in turn drive the sales in the household water purifier market.

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