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Overview of China's Blood Products Market


The blood products industry is growing steadily in China, mainly due to strong demands in the market. However factors such as price limit on blood products by the National Development and Reform Commission and shortage of blood plasma supply are slowing down the market. In 2012, the blood products market in China reached a value of 17.28 billion yuan. In the last three years, the industry had a growth rate of around 20%. Blood and blood products come under the category of biological products and as such are subjected to stringent government regulations. Import of majority of blood products in the nation is restricted and there are very high barriers to entry into the market.

Market Segmentation
Blood products are made by separating various proteins in plasma. The market for blood products in China can be segmented into human albumin, human immunoglobulin, blood coagulation factors and other products. The supply of human albumin in China is quite good and in the future the annual growth rate is expected to be around 15%. The demand for human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection in China is quite low. In fact the per capita consumption of human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection is only 10% of developed nations. In recent years, the sale of coagulation products have also increased and the growth prospect is quite bright in the future. The Chinese market is dominated by a few key players which include China Biologics Products, Shanghai RAAS Blood Products, Beijing Tiantan Biological Products and Hualan Biological Engineering. In 2012, there were around 23 regular blood product manufacturers in China.

Compared to western counterparts, the blood products industry in China is still at its infancy. Blood products have always been in short supply in China primarily due to limited blood plasma source. Some of the factors that are contributing to the growth in the blood products market in China are rise in aging population, economic growth and technological development in blood separating and purifying processes. In the future, increasing demand of recombinant coagulation factor VIII will fuel the growth of the blood products industry in China.

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