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Overview of the Global and Chinese Industrial Automation Industry


Chinese industrial automation enterprises have certain advantages in terms of price, cost, and expansion of market segments, distribution channels and personalized services. Chinese industrial automation lags behind in comparison to foreign counterparts in terms of technology and product range. The market share of Chinese companies in 2013 did not exceed 30% in China; therefore the potential for them to substitute foreign brands is huge.
The global automation industry grew at an annual rate of 9.5% to reach $159.8 billion in 2012. China possessed 797 small-sized automation enterprises above designated size in the first half of 2013. Small-sized automation enterprises accounts for 81.7% of the total number of enterprises in the industry. There are 152 mid-sized automation enterprises in China which accounts for 15.6%, and 26 large enterprises representing 2.7% in the same year.

Jiangsu, an eastern coastal province in China, has 342 automation enterprises. In the first half of 2013, the total assets of China’s industrial automation above designated size are $35.06 billion, increasing year-on-year by 14.9%. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai are the top five provinces/cities in terms of automation assets.

Siemens, the world’s largest industrial automation company achieved revenue of $103.49 billion in the financial year 2013. ABB is another large automation company. Other international players in automation industry are Emerson Process Management, Rockwell Automation, Omron, Honeywell Process Solutions/Sensing & Control, General Electronics, FANUC Corp. and Phoenix Contact. Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co. Ltd. is the most powerful automotive company in China providing extensive range of services in the country.

A/C motor drive/inventor, A/C servo motor and drive, temperature controller, programmable logic controller, rotary optical encoder, text panel, active front end and active power filter are some of the industrial products that are developed in the automation industry.

After going through several economic difficulties, the global automation industry is expected to have a positive growth rate over the next few years. According to IHS Inc. (a leading business information service company), healthy economic growth and the recovery of private sector will help the global market to exceed $200 billion by 2015. Much of this growth will be driven by strong markets like United States and China.

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