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Plastic Packaging Industry Trends


Plastic packaging is one of the most widely used packaging materials. The versatility and adaptability of plastic packaging allows it to meet a variety of needs. Plastic packaging must not only safely deliver and protect a product but it must also meet regulatory requirements. The introduction of plastic packaging revolutionized the packaging market. With its cost-effectiveness, wide array of applications, increasing demand from different industries and technological advancements, there is steady growth in the market for plastic packaging. Although there was a decline in growth in the global plastic packaging market after the economic recession, the growth in this sector has increased in recent years. Owing to advances in material properties and technological developments, plastics has been the fastest growing sector in the global packaging industry.

Key Trends
US and Europe have the highest demand for plastic packaging products and as such, are the largest markets in the sector. However, emerging economies of Asia-Pacific region and Latin America are also witnessing steady market growth in recent years. The key players in the market are DS Smith Plc, Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd, Man Luen Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd, Daibochi Plastic and Packaging Industry, Linpac Packaging, Berry Plastics Corporation and Silgan Holding Inc.

The demand for convenient packaging has been an emerging trend in the market. Consumers are looking for convenient packaging solutions for their every day needs. The trend towards lighter packaging has also been observed in the industry. Plastic packaging is also increasingly used in the food and beverage industry, leading to increase in growth in the industry. With innovations in the modern plastic food packaging industry, there is tremendous potential for growth in this sector. Plastic packaging helps in reducing food waste by keeping food fresh and free of contamination. The introduction of heat sealed wraps and heat sealed plastic pouches, have also driven the market for plastic packaging.

Another emerging trend in the plastic packaging industry is the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. There is a greater awareness on the environmental impact of plastic packaging which has led to the introduction of “green” initiatives by manufacturers. Other factors such as innovations in design and development of plastic material are fueling the growth of the market.

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