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Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Vaccine Industry in China


Porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome (PRRS) also known as blue-ear pig disease is a disease that causes respiratory tract illness and reproductive failure in pigs. The disease was first reported in Central Europe and North America in 1987. PRRS is caused by RNA virus and it is a highly contagious disease. In early 2000s, one of the most virulent strain of PRSS virus emerged in China, affecting the Chinese pig raising and breeding industry. The pork industry in China incurred heavy losses as PRSS developed into an animal epidemic disease. For the treatment and prevention of the disease, compulsory immunization program was made mandatory by the Ministry of Agriculture in China. This has in turn led to the increase in demand for PRSS vaccine in China.

China is one of the largest producer and consumer of pork and pork-based products. China is also one of the biggest importers of pork. In 2012, the output volume of pork in China increased by 5.6% to reach a value of 53.35 million tons. The annual population of pork in China was around 685 million pigs. With increase in population, increase in living standards and rapid urbanization, the demand for pork and pork-based products has gone up in recent years. As demand for pork increases, there will be increase in growth of the pig raising and breeding industry. With expansion in the pig raising industry, the demand for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine will also increase.

Earlier, Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies was allowed to enter the Chinese market. The company produced PRRS vaccines. Now there are around 20 companies that are manufacturing and marketing PRRS vaccines in China. Some of the major pharmaceutical companies that produce PRRS vaccines in China are Zoetis Inc., Ringpu (Tianjin) Bio-Pharmacy Co. Ltd., Qilu Animal Health Products Factory and Chengdu TECBOND Biological Products Co. Ltd. In 2012, the overall sale of animal vaccine in China reached a value of 7.1 billion yuan. It is forecasted that with growth in the pork industry, the PRRS vaccine industry will also expand.

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