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Prospect of the Separating Membrane Industry in China


Separating membrane is used for filtration, separation and concentration of solid, gas or liquid and is an integral part of membrane separation processes. Separating membrane is a kind of thin-layer substance that permits the passage of substances only up to a certain size or shape. There are many different types of membrane separation processes that differ based on size of the separated particles and separation mechanism. Separating membranes are widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry and chemical industry. The global market of separating membrane products in 2012 was 12 billion USD. Although the separating membrane industry in China started quite late, in recent years, the industry has witnessed rapid growth. In fact, for the last ten years, the separating membrane market in China has grown at the rate of 20-30 percent.

Market Overview
The separating membrane industry in China is estimated to reach a value of 25 billion yuan by 2016 with an annual growth rate of around 20%. Major products that are manufactured in the separating membrane industry in China are reverse osmosis membrane, ultra-filtration membrane, microfiltration membrane, electric-driven membrane, nanofiltration membrane, gas separation membrane and medical membrane. In China, ultra-filtration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane and microfiltration membrane accounts for around 92% of the market. The widest application for membranes across different industries is represented by reverse osmosis membrane. The market for ultra-filtration membrane and microfiltration membrane in China is highly competitive. Although there are more than 100 manufacturers involved in the production of microfiltration and ultra-filtration membrane, the market is still dominated by foreign manufacturers. Even the market for reverse osmosis membrane, which represents the highest market segment, is dominated by foreign manufacturers.

Some of the key companies in the Chinese market for separating membrane are Toray Industries Inc., Dow Chemical Company, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. Domestic companies such as Beijing Origin Water Technology, Motimo Membrane Technology Co. Ltd, Vontron Membrane Technology Co. Ltd., Litree Purifying Technology Co. Ltd. and Zhaojin Motian Co. Ltd. are also growing steadily in the market. Foreign companies lead the market in the high-end application of separating membrane such as electrophoresis paint recycling and production of ultrapure water for use in the electronics industry. With innovation in material science and membrane separation processes the Chinese membrane separating industry is expected to flourish.

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