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Top Trends in China's Tourism Industry


In the last few decades the tourism industry in China has flourished. The boom in the Chinese tourism industry is attributed to the burgeoning middle class, ease in restrictions by the government, rise in standard of hotels and improved tourist safety by the Chinese government. The tourism market in China has gained momentum and was valued at approximately 2.6 trillion Yuan in 2012. The compound annual growth rate of the industry was 26.2% between 2009 and 2012. The entire Chinese tourism industry consists of inbound tourism, outbound tourism and domestic tourism. Both in terms of revenue and population, domestic tourism dominates the market with revenue going up to 2.72 trillion Yuan. China’s tourism industry is one of the most crucial industries that influence the economic development of the nation.

Emerging Trends in China’s Tourism Industry

Although the growth in inbound tourism was steady, there was phenomenal growth in outbound tourism. With rise in living standards, the number of Chinese people keen on foreign travel has increased. Last year alone, more than 100 billion USD was spent by Chinese travelers in holidaying abroad. This made China the world’s largest tourism source market in terms of spending. According to reports from United Nations World Tourism Organization, around 100 million Chinese will be traveling abroad in 2015.

If latest reports are to be believed then an emerging trend in the Chinese tourism industry is personalized travel. Chinese travelers are now demanding personalized travels that are tailor-made to meet their requirements. Personalized travel has become a big hit in China as it caters to the unique needs of guests.

Another emerging trend is the growth of female and elderly travelers in China. The number of female business travelers in China is predicted to increase in the coming years. Presently, more than one-third of business travelers in China are women. Additionally, with more disposable income the number of elderly travelers has also been on the rise. Travel companies need to come up with unique marketing strategies to capitalize on this growing trend.

Earlier, there were reports of malpractices by Chinese travel agencies and tourism-related businesses. The Chinese government now plans to implement laws that would make travel agencies more transparent. This will help both domestic and international travelers in China from being fleeced by travel agencies. The tourism industry in China needs to address these issues to sustain growth in the industry.

With the rise in disposable income and increase in the number of well-heeled people in China, traveling will become one of the most popular leisure activities. To benefit from these opportunities, China’s travel industry must learn to adapt to the changing needs of travelers.

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